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Travel to Russia - All Russia Tours,Moscow,Russia - offers a wide range of Russia tours and vacation packages for different interests and budgets. Travel to Russia - All Russia Tours,Moscow,Russia - offers a wide range of Russia tours and vacation packages for different interests and budgets. Travel to Russia - All Russia Tours,Moscow,Russia - offers a wide range of Russia tours and vacation packages for different interests and budgets. Travel to Russia - All Russia Tours,Moscow,Russia - offers a wide range of Russia tours and vacation packages for different interests and budgets.
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Explore St.Petersburg on foot
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The Great Sayan Ring Tour
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Trans-Siberian Railway Tour
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All Russia Tours - The Great Sayan Ring Tour

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SIGHTSEEING TOUR — With a visit to the symbol of Krasnoyarsk — a Paraskovya Pyatnitsa chapel, Blagovetchensky Cathedral, and Regional Museum, which is considered to be one of the best historical and ethnographical museums in Siberia. The Museum will provide an excellent prelude to your travel and your first impression of the Great Sayan Ring tour.


SURIKOV'S HOUSE-MUSEUM — A wooden house built in the beginning of the 19th century, preserves all the features of that period (furniture, design, utensils, service buildings). At the end of 19th century a young boy Vasya Surikov left this house to win world-wide glory of one of the most prolific painter of that period.

NATIONAL PARK STOLBY — The shape of each rock is so unique, that almost all rocks have their own names — Grandfather, First Pole, Pillars, Takmak, Little elephant, Firstborn, forearm , Lion's Gate, Capella, Manskaya Baba, Vultures, Fortress etc. The tourist-excursion area of Stolby is almost 1,5 thousand hectares.


The group will travel to the South through the city of  Divnogorsk. They will cross the river Yenisey along one of the biggest dams in the world — the Krasnoyarsk Hydro Power Station.

Then the group goes to Gladenkaya Ski Resort, located near the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station.


STATE ETHNOGRAPHICAL MUSEM — A visit to a real tavern will bring everybody another surprise, you can see handicrafts and go to the shop of a merchant . Here you will be served a cup of tea and traditional dishes in real Siberian hut.

A visit to the village Tanzybei. The guests are greeted with bread and salt, pies and vodka. You will go to the residents’ houses, get familiar with their traditions and taste herb tea, home jam and pastry.

ARRIVE TO TUVA — It’s amazing but as soon as the bus crosses the border between Krasnoyarsk krai and comes to Tuva even the scenery changes. It seems like you are coming to another planet and another age. There are almost no signs of civilization on the most part of Tuva territory, steppes and sharp mountains are spread along hundred kilometres.


KYZYL — The capital of Tuva, visiting the Geographical Centre of Asia which is not far from the joining of the rivers Biy-Khem (Big Yenisey) and Ka-Khem (Small Yenisey). Right in this place Yenisey starts. Then a visit to the Buddhist temple where the tourists will hear sermon of  lama. Visit to the Shaman clinic.

Then a visit to the National Museum of Tuva (exhibition “Scythian gold”), the souvenir shop, post office, mineral springs in the suburbs of Kyzyl.


This day the group crosses Tuva from the East to the West, following the road of the ancient nomads. Stop at the KHAYRAKAN MOUNTAIN one of the most respected places in Tuva. In 1992 it was chosen like energetically powerful place and consecrated by Dalay Lama XIV. Once a year minimum local shamans come here to get energy.

On the Sayan pass, at a height of 2206 metres, Khakassia begins. Here the mountains are surrounded with the fabulous cedar taiga.


A short stroll in the taiga to the MAYAK MOUNTAIN or hunter’s house or bridge of love. Those who wish can experience a "Phytosauna" — very pleasant sanitary procedure. During the berry and mushroom season the tourists collect taiga gifts which you don't even need to look for — they are just under your feet.


Bid farewell to "Snow Leopard" and taiga. On the route the group makes a stop at a khakasian village where there is a monument Khurtuyakh tas, where native women bring there gifts if they wish to have a baby. By the noon arrival to the KUG VALLEY (in Khakassian kug means "delight") in 137 km from Abakan.


STATE MUSEUM "KAZANOVKA" — The Khakasian museum and nature reserve "Kazanovka" is situated 3 km far from Kazanovka village. There are more than 2000 archaeological monuments on the territory of the nature reserve. Every year archaeologists open 30-40 new monuments. The nature reserve was founded in 1996. Now there are only 3 people working in it. The main purpose of this museum is to preserve natural and historical landscapes, reconstruction and development of local people's life, gathering, searching, forming and protection of the funds.


ARRIVAL TO ABAKAN — The capital of Khakassia. A visit to the Republican Regional Museum, where unique collection of stone statues is kept. Some of them are considered to be still powerful. From Abakan the group goes to "The Valley of Tsars", there are about 30 burial mounds aged from the IV-III century B.C. The culmination of the trip will be the Great Salbyk Mound which was built on the noble family’s grave and excavated by archaeologists in 1954-56. It measured 0,5km in perimeter and 11,5 m high, the weight of stones is up to 60 tonnes.


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