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Travel to Russia - All Russia Tours,Moscow,Russia - offers a wide range of Russia tours and vacation packages for different interests and budgets. Travel to Russia - All Russia Tours,Moscow,Russia - offers a wide range of Russia tours and vacation packages for different interests and budgets. Travel to Russia - All Russia Tours,Moscow,Russia - offers a wide range of Russia tours and vacation packages for different interests and budgets. Travel to Russia - All Russia Tours,Moscow,Russia - offers a wide range of Russia tours and vacation packages for different interests and budgets.
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A Day in St.Petersburg
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Explore Moscow on foot
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Explore St.Petersburg on foot
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Be Our Guest
9 d / 8 n
Moscow City Break
4 d / 3 n
Photo tour around Moscow Kremlin NEW
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RIVER CRUISE: Moscow – Uglich – Yaroslavl - Goritsy – Kizhi – Mandrogi – Saint-Petersburg NEW
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Two Capitals
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VIP Tour to Baikonur cosmodrome for a spaceship lift-off NEW
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Space simulators in Star City Cosmonaut Training Center
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Star City Tour
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IL-76 MDK Zero-Gravity State Flight
2 d / 1 n
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MIG-29 Flights NEW
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The Great Silk Road Tour
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Trans-Mongolian Railway Tour
20 d / 19 n
Trans-Siberian Railway Tour
12 d / 11 n

All Russia Tours - RIVER CRUISE: Moscow – Uglich – Yaroslavl - Goritsy – Kizhi – Mandrogi – Saint-Petersburg

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River voyage from Moscow to St Petersburg is 1338 km long.

The journey to the Baltic Sea coast begins from Moscow (North River-boat Station). The steam ship begins to move through Moscow channel and then, near Dubna town, enters Volga river.
There are situated two small towns - Uglich or Myshkin and Yaroslavl. Apart from historical attractions, these are nice, quiet provincial towns.

Then we will enter the Russian North with its endless virgin beauties. Our first stop here will be in Goritsy village that is situated close to three old and beautiful monasteries – Kirillo-Belozersky (1397), Ferapontov (1490) and Goritsky (1544). This place was the center of Christianity in Russia. Near Beloye lake, further on our itinerary, is situated Belozersk town (founded in 862). There you will admire walls of ancient Kremlin, nice XIX-century city houses, wooden pavements, flooded church and amazing sunsets on the lake.

Endless lake Onezhskoye (250 km long) lies ahead, with legendary Kizhi island. Famous open-air museum of wooden architecture is a treasury of fabulous old Russian North heritage. It’s not for nothing that during Second World War a pilot commanded to destroy the museum by bombing, when having seen 22 wooden crowns of Transfiguration church, refused to carry the order and turned his plane back.

From Onezhskoye lake we will lay a course to Ladoga by Svir river. Mandrogi village is the main attraction in these places. Here you will enjoy open-air dinner, visit folklore show and witness the daily labors of blacksmiths, potters and carpenters. Another famous north monastery – Aleksandro-Svirsky (1484) – is situated nearby.

The next step will be Ladozhskoye lake, the largest in Europe. It is known by its islands, especially Valaam with its old monastery. But there are also two very interesting islands on Ladozhskoye lake. First, Konevets island, holds old monastery and well-known Kon-stone. This stone, that looks not unlike a giant horse, was used by ancient local tribes as an altar for their rituals.

Finally, on the spot where Neva river takes off Ladozhskoye lake, you will see Orekhovy island aka Shlisselburg. This fortress has never been taken in all its history. This will be your last stop before arrival to the Northern capital.

Please note, that if you have chosen the one-side (from Moscow to St Petersburg or vice versa) trip it will take 6-7 days.
Those who would like to enjoy the beauties of both Russian capitals may choose our trips with 2 or 3-night stays in both Moscow and St Petersburg.

Our tours are provided only with three and four-deck steam ships that are able to heave out into Ladozhskoye and Onezhskoye lakes.

Thus, this voyage will not only be a trip from St Petersburg to Moscow or vice versa, but it presents itself separate most interesting tour including visits to ancient Russian towns, monasteries and fortresses.

Suggested cruise programme:

Date Berthing Arrival Departure Tours
Day 1 Moscow
(North River-boat Station)
17:30 Steam ship departure. Supper.
Day 2 Uglich 16:30 19:30 Sightseeing tour around the town.
Church on Prince Dimitry’s Blood, Transfiguration Cathedral.
Day 3 Yaroslavl 8:00 12:00 Bus tour «Jubilee of Yaroslavl», Church of Elijah the Prophet, Transfiguration Monastery.
Day 4 Goritsy 10:00 14:00 Bus tour to Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery.
Day 5 Kizhi 16:00 20:00 Walking tour.
Day 6 Mandrogi 11:00 14:30 Picnic.
Day 7 St.Petersburg 9:00 Arrival to Saint-Petersburg.
Tour is being organized.
Day 8 St.Petersburg Tour is being organized.
Day 9-10 St.Petersburg Breakfast. Debarkation till 10 AM.


  • entertainment program: concerts, live music, films watching, board games, quizzes etc.;
  • music & information on-board broadcast;
  • travel information via on-board broadcast, including tours program, on-board events, invitations to the restaurant or to the tour (tour start, meals, anchorage time announcements etc.);
  • set menu (dishes may be chosen for the following day).

Prices include:

  • cabin accommodation;
  • three meals a day - on the first and the last days of the cruise meals are served depending on boarding/landing time; if tour time concurs with dinner time, tourists will be supplied with a meal in one of the town restaurants or with a box lunch.
  • tour service as per cruise program.
  • entertainment program.

Paid separately:

  • Additional tours are not included in the cruise voucher price and may be acquired on board from ship managers.


Sightseeing Bus Tour. You will see the world best-known tourist attractions of the city on Neva river.

During the steam ship tour “Rivers and Channels of St Petersburg” (including Moika, Neva and Fontanka rivers) you will admire Palace Embankment, Peter and Paul’s Fortress, St. Michael's Castle, etc.

Gatchina Palace Tour. Gatchina Palace was built in the 18th century for count Grigory Orloff, a minion of Catherine the Great. It was supposed to serve as a country estate for pleasures and hunting. The tour includes a visit to state rooms and exhibition rooms, church, underground passage and wonderful park.

Kronstadt Bus Tour. This northern town conserves the spirit of Peter the Great epoch. You will see the legendary fortress of Kronstadt, its famous dam, dry dock of Peter the Great, tide-gauge, Anchor square, Sea cathedral, Peter the Great’s monument, Konstantin fort.

Yusupov Palace Tour. This unique architectural ensemble of the XVIII-XX centuries is referred to as encyclopedia of aristocratic interior of St Petersburg. Until the revolution of 1917 the palace was owned by 5 generations of princes Yusupov. It is also known as a murder place of Grigory Rasputin. Nowadays Yusupov palace is one of rare aristocratic houses of St Petersburg where there are saved not only state rooms, picture gallery and miniature private theatre, but also luxurious living rooms of the family.

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