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Travel to Russia - All Russia Tours,Moscow,Russia - offers a wide range of Russia tours and vacation packages for different interests and budgets. Travel to Russia - All Russia Tours,Moscow,Russia - offers a wide range of Russia tours and vacation packages for different interests and budgets. Travel to Russia - All Russia Tours,Moscow,Russia - offers a wide range of Russia tours and vacation packages for different interests and budgets. Travel to Russia - All Russia Tours,Moscow,Russia - offers a wide range of Russia tours and vacation packages for different interests and budgets.
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A Day in St.Petersburg
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Explore Moscow on foot
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Explore St.Petersburg on foot
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One-Day Moscow Tours NEW
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Be Our Guest
9 d / 8 n
Moscow City Break
4 d / 3 n
Photo tour around Moscow Kremlin NEW
1 d
RIVER CRUISE: Moscow – Uglich – Yaroslavl - Goritsy – Kizhi – Mandrogi – Saint-Petersburg NEW
The Golden Ring tour 2 days/1night
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Two Capitals
8 d / 7 n
Weekend in St.Petersburg
3 d / 2 n
Weekend in Moscow
3 d / 2 n
Space adventure tours
VIP Tour to Baikonur cosmodrome for a spaceship lift-off NEW
5 d / 4 n
Space simulators in Star City Cosmonaut Training Center
5 d / 4 n
Star City Tour
1 d
IL-76 MDK Zero-Gravity State Flight
2 d / 1 n
Adventure Tours
MIG-29 Flights NEW
L-39 Flights
5 d / 4 n
Moscow area helicopter flights
5 d / 4 n
Military Adventure
5 d / 4 n
The Great Sayan Ring Tour
11 d / 10 n
The Great Silk Road Tour
10 d / 9 n
Trans-Mongolian Railway Tour
20 d / 19 n
Trans-Siberian Railway Tour
12 d / 11 n

All Russia Tours - Two Capitals

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CITY TOUR AROUND MOSCOW — Includes the following main streets, squares and places of interest: Tverskaya Street is considered Moscow’s most animated and saucy avenue, the former headquarters of the KGB, the Russian White House, Red Square, the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the Bolshoi Theatre, and much more.

KREMLIN TERRITORY & CATHEDRALS — The Kremlin has always been perceived as a symbol of power and might of the vast Russian lands. Each era of Russian history left it’s architectural mark on the Kremlin; within the Kremlin walls there are many architectural monuments, churches, cathedrals, museums, etc.

PUSHKIN MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS — Contains a fine collection of ancient Egypt; Greece and Rome art are well represented. The Art Gallery has works the most Europe’s greatest painters — Botticelly, Rembrandt, Rubens, Van Dyck and Constable, a vast-selection of French paintings, including works of French impressionists.

KOLOMENSKOYE — The Great Princes’ mansion, located in the South region of Moscow, was home to royalty from the 14th to 17th centuries. It is both a museum and nature reserve which showcases the unique art, history, architecture and magnificently landscaped museum-reserve, situated in the South region. Today it is a remarkable place to enjoy Russian folklore and a wide variety of concerts and performances.

TRETYAKOV MOSCOW STATE GALLERY — This remains one of the world’s largest museums, a treasure house of old Russian art from the 11th century up through the present. The gallery bears the name of its founder, Pavel Tretyakov, a wealthy Russian manufacturer and patron of art. Now the Tretyakov Gallery holds more than 50,000 works of painting, graphic art and sculpture.

KUSKOVO ESTATE — Was the summer country house and estate of the Sheremetev family. Built in the mid-18th century, it was originally situated several miles to the east of Moscow but now is part of the East District of the city. It was one of the first great summer country estates of the Russian nobility, and one of the few near Moscow still preserved.

METRO AND ARBAT STREET — This is considered the most beautiful underground railway systems in the world. The stations, built in the Stalin era, are remarkable for their bold ornamentation and unique architecture and were created to look like temples and palaces. Most of these stations are decorated with sculptures, glass, colored marble and bronze chandeliers.

BOLSHOI THEATRE — This is the most famous theatre in Moscow. It is considered to be the second largest performance hall in Europe after the famous "La Scala" Theatre of Milan. The Bolshoy Theatre is well-known for its excellent acoustics and rich interior decorations. The best masterpieces of world as well as Russian classic opera and ballet have been performed on its stage.


CITY TOUR AROUND STAINT PETERSBURG — Saint Petersburg was built on numerous islands, and is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. On this tour you will see all the major city highlights in the course of a 3-hour tour, including a visit to the Peter & Paul Fortress, the first building of the city and once a prison for revolutionaries and now the burial place of Russian Emperors.

ST. ISAAC'S CATHEDRAL AND THE CHURCH SAVIOR ON THE SPILLED BLOOD — St. Isaac's Cathedral was originally the city's main church and the largest cathedral in Russia. It was built between 1818 and 1858, by the French-born architect Auguste Montferrand, to be one of the most impressive landmarks of the Russian Imperial capital.
The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood — is one of the main sights of St. Petersburg, Russia. It is also variously called the Church on Spilt Blood and the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, its official name. The name refers to the blood of Tsar Alexander II of Russia, who was assassinated on that site in 1881.

KUNSTKAMERA (The Chamber of Curiosities) — The first museum in Russia, this is one of the oldest and largest Anthropology and Ethnography museums in the world. It is also called Peter the Great's museum as it is based on the Tsar's personal collection. The museum has exhibitions of items showing the life and culture of people of various ages and from different countries.

PETERHOF — Is a jewel of the Russian art, a town of parks, palaces and fountains. The Upper and the Lower Parks are the masterpieces of art of gardening numbering over 170 fountains, 5 monumental cascades. The Grand Cascade, which goes downhill from the palace towards the Baltic Sea, is one of the largest fountain ensembles in the world.

RIVERS AND CANALS BOAT TOUR — Saint-Petersburg created by Peter the Great to rival Venice, its 101 islands, 66 canals, and hundreds of bridges have secured its reputation as the most beautiful city in the country. A boat trip is an essential part of your St. Petersburg holiday in order to see how the city grew along and around the Neva and how many of its landmarks turn their faces toward the water. We guarantee it will be a trip you will remember for a very long time!

HERMITAGE MUSEUM — The Hermitage ranks among the world’s major museums. Its collection consists of nearly 3 million art objects (West European art, the Antique world, Primitive culture, Oriental culture and art, the history of Russian Culture and numismatics). Exhibits are displayed in the Winter Palace, as well as the Small, Old and New Hermitages.

THE RUSSIAN MUSEUM — Is a treasure-house of national culture. The museum`s collection of Russian art is next in importance to that of the Tretyakov Gallery. Outstanding is its collection of icons, including the 12th century Angel with Golden Hair and works of Rublyov and Ushakov. The Russian museum is housed in the palace of Grand Duke Michael, the youngest son of Emperor Paul. It was designed by the architect Rossi in 1825, in the style of a nobleman`s town estate.

ALEXANDER NEVSKY LAVRA — A working monastery and one of the oldest architectural ensembles in Saint Petersburg — was founded in 1710 on the spot of the legendary battle with the Swedish army (by the Neva river) which determined the victory of Russia.
The construction of the monastery took nearly the whole 18th century due to frequent interruptions and was finished only by 1790. The project was a collaboration of the most talented architects of the time, but the main concept belonged to D.Tresini, who conceived the monastery complex simultaneously as a residence, a palace and an institution.

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